Industrial Hose

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Industrial Hose

Built to Last

Spartan Industrial & Marine is one of the leading suppliers of a variety of industrial hose such as:  air, chemical/acid, cleaning, ducting, food service, general purpose, material handling, multipurpose, oilfield drilling and production, petroleum transfer, specialty, steam and water. We also supply industrial hose couplings to help you connect multiple hoses.

With in-house fabrication and crimping & welding facilities, we offer a variety of reliable hoses for your businesses.

Test, Tag and Track your hose assemblies with OnGuard Asset Management, exclusive to Singer companies. Learn more at

The logo of OnGuard Hose Management services which links to the hose safety website of, all hoses of Spartan Industrial & Marine are tested, tagged and tracked for OnGuard.

NAHAD logo, which stands for the national association of hose and accessories distributors. NAHAD is written in black letters under a swirl reminiscent of a hose, over black writing filling out the name National Association of Hose and Accessories Distributors.

Industrial Hose Types

An array of oilfield suction, oilfield vacuum, blackcat frac, chemical, steam, fire prevention and other industrial hoses that may be used for the oil and gas industry from EATON.

  • Air
  • Water
  • Steam
  • Chemical
  • Food
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Material-Handling
  • Petroleum
  • Sandblast
  • Marine
  • Gunite
  • Welding

Continental CONTITECH industrial hoses in an array including chemical hose, petroleum hose, fuel delivery hose, steam hose, and dispensing hose.

Oilfield Drilling & Production Hose

  • Oilfield Suction Hose
  • Frac Hose
  • Sand Discharge Hose
  • Slim Hole Rotary Hose
  • Mud Suction Hose
  • Choke and Kill Hose
  • BOP Hose
  • Water Suction Hose
  • Rotary Hose
  • Vibrator Hose
  • Kelly Hose

Hand-selected as one of the few authorized Dixon LPS® partners in the country, view Spartan Industrial & Marine’s extensive, local inventory of products with numerous transfer applications in the oil and gas field. Dixon Boss LPS® products are designed for all stages of the Petrochemical Life Cycle:

Exploration and Production


Terminal to Retail

Multipurpose Air Hose, Water Hose & General Purpose

  • High Pressure Air/Multi-Purpose Hose
  • Low Pressure Air/Multi-Purpose Hose
  • Medical Air General Purpose Air/Water
  • High Temperature Hose
  • Low Temperature Hose
  • Light Chemical Transfer Hose

Petroleum Transfer Hose

Petroleum Transfer Hose offers low and high pressure choices for transferring petroleum products including alternative fuels.

  • High Pressure Petroleum Suction and Discharge Hose
  • Fuel Tank Truck Hose
  • Petroleum Transfer Hose
  • Fuel Oil Delivery Hose

Chemical / Acid Industrial Hose

  • Acid Suction
  • Acid Discharge
  • Hot Liquid Transfer
  • Chemical Transfer
  • Chemical Spray
  • Ag Spray

Specialty and Ducting Hoses

Specialty hoses are versatile, flexible and long lasting in an assortment of tubes, covers, bore sizes and working pressures.

  • Steam Hose
  • Sandblast Hose
  • Waterblast Hose
  • Creamer/Packaging House Hose
  • Washdown Hose
  • Nitrogen Service Hose
  • PVC Ducting
  • Urethane Ducting

Specialty and Ducting Hoses

Long-Lasting • Flexible • For Conveying Bulk Materials Via Suction, Gravity or Pneumatic Systems

  • Dry Cement Hose
  • Sandblast Hose
  • Slurry Hose
  • Gunite Hose
  • Hot Air
  • Hot Tar/Asphalt Hose

Specialty and Ducting Hoses

FDA Approved Materials
NSF51 Certifications

  • Food Prep Clear PVC
  • Liquid Bulk Transfer
  • Dry Bulk Transfer
  • Flat Corrugated Alcohol Suction & Discharge
  • Creamery/Packaging Washdown
  • Grey Food Transfer
  • Liquid Food Suction & Discharge

Spartan Industrial & Marine Hose Couplings

Safer • Durable • Easy to Use
Cost-Effective Fluid Systems

  • Cam and Groove
  • Bauer
  • Adapters
  • Sanitary
  • Full Flow Crimped
  • Band or Bolt Clamps
  • T-Bolt
  • Quick Couplers/Quick Disconnects
  • Dry Breaks
  • Hammer Unions

We know you need more than just a quality hose assembly. That’s why Spartan Industrial & Marine offers a full coupling solution, developed to facilitate the use of crimped sleeves on industrial hoses. Insta-Lock™ from ContiTech Coupling Hose systems are available in Aluminum, 316 SS and Brass — as well as, Dixon Vent-Lock, Boss LPS and many other premiere manufacturers. Part A, B, C, D, E, F, Dust Plug, Dust Cap, and Jump Sizes are available to meet your application needs.

Sand Viper – Modular Drop Tee and Pipe Threads

Urethane Lined; The Sand Viper™ Modular Drop Tee

Tired of the cost of replacing your Drop Tee too frequently?

Initial field tests on the Urethane Lined Sand Viper™Hopper Tee showed virtually “No Wear” even after six months and counting with the most abrasive sand applications. Utilizing the urethane wear adapters on the Sand Viper Modular Drop Tee:

  • Allows the abrasion to take place in the removable adapters only, thereby eliminating the need to ever have to replace the drop tee itself
  • Allows for rotating the adapters for a much longer wear life
  • Allows for a variation of connectors – Male Threads, Female Threads or Victaulic Connections.